Professional Artist Statement

Professional Artist Statement

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Your artist statement is a fundamental component of your work within the art world. Why? Because artist statements give the viewer some background on the work, you as the artist, and why you create what you create. 

If you are submitting your work to a museum or gallery show, for a grant or other opportunity, a written artist’s statement will likely be required. A good piece of artwork raises many questions – the viewers will inevitably want to know more about the work and you as the artist. A quality artist statement can answer these questions and give viewers a deeper understanding and appreciation for your work.

Our experienced writers can help you craft a compelling, engaging, and persuasive artist statement that will make your work stand out. We will work with you one-on-one to understand your vision for the piece and what you hope to communicate through your art. We will then translate that into a well-written statement that captures your unique voice and style.

Don't let a poorly written artist statement ruin your chances of success in the art world. Let our team of experienced writers craft a quality artist statement that accurately reflects you and your work.

Once your order is placed a curator will reach out to you directly to discuss your details to learn more about you as an artist to carefully construct your Professional Artist Statement.


5 different variations of your artist statement will be sent to you.

They will then be sent to you for review and commentary. After your review, your assigned curator will make appropriate changes.



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