Calm Leaidí - Donn
Calm Leaidí - Donn
Sigrid Wendel

Calm Leaidí - Donn

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Calm Leaidí: A sea smooth as a plate, so rare as to be called Leaidí, a term of affection. Donn: brown.

Glazed ceramic. Food/water safe. 13x9 inches. 2022.
This piece is part of my ongoing series,
Focail Farraige
, based on old Irish words related to the sea. These words hold more than definitions — they are a window into a different relationship to nature and the unknown. Using clay (my primary medium) to connect more deeply and creatively with Irish (a language I am learning, slowly) has expanded my appreciation for both forms of expression as I aim to help keep these words and the perspectives they come from alive. In the series, I combine abstract and figurative techniques – creating narratives more like snapshots of a dream or childlike fantasy than literal representations – to fit the mythological and often whimsical flavor of the words.