Art is often overlooked and we are here to put a stop to that.

NEW YORK, NY 10003
We are open when the doors are unlocked.


We extend a warm welcome to all artists and guests regardless of race, religion, gender identity, age or disability status.


Merging physical art with the digital world.


The.EVAC is dedicated to providing a reliable gallery space for artists of all mediums.


The East Village Art Collection, also known as The.EVAC, has a simple mission: to give creators the opportunity to share their passion with NYC. The gallery prides itself on being an equal opportunity space for artists of all backgrounds and mediums. 


Whether you focus on sculpture, graphic design, poetry, wearable art, or photography, The EVAC encourages a large range of creatives to apply. The gallery offers both wall space and digital displays as well as events dedicated to showcasing specific vocations, such as live music, dance and performative art. 


Regardless of your social reach or current position, The EVAC prioritizes the integrity and credit of each artist. Accordingly, The EVAC mints physical art pieces on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and introduces it into the digital world of cryptocurrency. 


In other words, the gallery assigns a unique non-fungible token (NFT) to each piece they market. This assignment ensures the accurate and traceable proof of purchase and authenticity of every piece from paintings to shirts and shoes. By minting each piece through ETH, The.EVAC allows the buyer to collect, trade and sell their art piece in the future both physically and digitally. The NFT also allows the purchase of any art piece to become an investment due to its potential to appreciate in value.


The.EVAC also accepts all forms of payment, including DOGECOIN and BITCOIN!!


Above all, the selection process is primarily based on the artists’ passion and dedication to their craft. No biases or external factors contribute to The.EVAC’s decision-making. In order to become a part of the exhibition, The.EVAC greatly encourages you to submit your own application. 


Or, if you are fond of multiple mediums of creation and would like to support local artists, please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.

Our gallery is a safe space. Creativity and positive energy are a must for all guests and artists. 

We greatly encourage you to  to be featured within the gallery, or come by and support your local artists in achieving their dreams.