Previous Exhibitions:

Around the World
August 12th - 14th
Opening Party: August 12th, 8 PM - 11PM
VIP Preview August 12th, 7:30 PM

Selected artists: Maria Pawelka, M.C. Hewlett, Jade Cave, Shelley Whiting, Steven Eaton, Wesley Pierre, The Exiled Monarch, Abe Shainberg, Hiroyuki Jang, Zee  Cordero, Marcy Brafman, Neil Kerman, Bernie Edmonds, TEDF, Thompson Randolph, Jason Cruzgiangrasso, Julia Ambros, Kaori Sakaguchi, Naaz Valvani, Jefferzon Alvin Libatique, Liam San Jose, and Daniel Botha - HashLips. 

Featuring Performances by K.C Raniero, Bias, DJ Mecc, Dai Nite.

Diamonds in the Dark - July Exhibition
July 8th - 10th

Opening Party: July 8th, 8 PM - 11PM
VIP Preview July 8th, 7:30 PM

Selected artists: Daniel “HashLips” Botha, Bryanna Catucci, Aurélie KR Charles, Mackenzie Colnick, Jack Godfrey, Zomely Grullon, Nicole Hashempour, M.C. Hewlett, Joshua J Kornexl, Ann Lebron, Jake LeCarner, MADDS, Nick Mass, The Exiled Monarch, Wesley Pierre, Diana Rivera, Patrick Tibby, Haochen Zhao.

Featuring Performances by K.C Raniero, LeCarner, Dai Nite.

The EVAC Summer Show
June 3 - 5, 2022

Selected artists: Julia Ambros, Danny Razzano, Jesi Zinn, TEDF, Jack Godfrey, CJ Cowden, Nick Mass, Jackie Vaccaro, Justin Curmi, Manon Raman, Erin Simangan, Jed M Williams, Amy Goldfarb, Michelle Naumovski, Aycan Lewis, Richard George, Carmela George, Shenan Howard, Alex Duarte, Daniel Eugene Botha, Adriana Novaes, Pauline Lewis

This exhibition is a response to the traditional artistic expression of portraiture, still life and landscape. The selected artists take different approaches, innovating traditional practices into a creative experiment. Bringing in their own social and cultural perspectives, the artworks speak for the artists themselves, while also resonating with a wider audience. Curated by Steven Hirsch, the artists in this exhibition discuss topics such as the beauty of the human body, gender politics, perceptions of culture, and spirituality.

Now + Here Group Exhibition
March 25 -27, 2022

Selected artists: Ashes57, Julia Ambros, Michelle Buser, Shuwan Chen, Zee Cordero, Nathanael Cox, Andrea Kalmus,  Ann Lebron, Jake LeCarner, Xianglong Li, Maria Pawelka, Jason Piken, Amanda Soto, Tong Wang

The EVAC is pleased to announce the upcoming show, NOW + HERE, from March 25 to March 27, 2022 showcasing 13 artists residing in the Tri-state area. This show aims to champion the continued commitment these artists have for pushing boundaries and creating new ways of thinking about art.


The EVAC Fashion Show - Where Art Meets Fashion
Sep 17, 2021

THE EVAC is pleased to present "Where Art Meets Fashion", a group exhibition showcasing works by 11 different artists and designers.

THE EVAC will uncover the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion. The purpose is to cultivate an environment of creativity and self-expression between artists of all mediums, fashion designers, collectors, and people who simply enjoy art.

Designers: Luna Taylor, Sosseh, Lindsey Crouss, Ant, Ryan McMurray 

Artists: Ant, Eugen Fomenko, Jason Cruzgiangrasso , Jake LeCarner, Lindsey Crouss, Luna Taylor, Lee Lee La Cubana - Ashley Miah, Ryan McMurray, Sosseh, Shahnaz Rahman, Varteny Daghinian Daschian